International Presentations

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1. Hajikazemi E. Reproductive Health Care's in Disvalued Women.11th international nursing research conference. 2007.

2. Nikpour S. Health promotion behaviors and quality of life among elderly in west area in Tehran, Iran 2006: A cross- sectional survey. 
11th international nursing research conference. 2007.

3. Nikpour S. The relationship between Women's satisfaction with prenatal care service and the characteristics of the women and the service in referring women to health clinics related to medical universities in Tehran city, 2005. 11th international nursing research conference-. 2007.

4. Nikpour S. Factors related to osteoporosis in women who admitted to IUMS bone densitometry centers in Tehran- Iran 2006: A cross- sectional survey. 11th international nursing research conference. 2007.

5. Rafii F. Relationship between nurse caring and patient satisfaction. The 2nd International Conference on Occupational Health Nursing. 2007.

6. Baradaran HR. Assessing Iranian physicians, orientation toward lifelong learning. 5th Asia pacific EBM Network Conference. 2008.

7. Joolaee S. An Iranian perspective on patients' rights. 2nd international congress of Medical Law. 2008.

8. Baradaran HR. Assessment of educational environment in major clinical wards in teaching hospitals based on dream model: perception of residents and interns in Tehran, Iran. 2008.

9. Baradaran HR. The Twelve roles of the teacher: perception of Iranian. 5th Asia pacific EBM Network Conference. 2008.

10. Oskouie F. Innovation in ostomy nurse education: a self assessment inventory patient- centered education. 17th Biennial Congress of the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists. 2008.

11. Oskouie F. Teaching Style in Clinical Nursing Education: A Qualitative Study of Iranian Teachers' Experiences. The 19th International Nursing Research Congress Focusing on Evidence-Based Practice. 2008.

12. Rafii F. Reality of learning self-care Needs during Hospitalization: patients' and nurses' perceptions. The International Conference "health and the changing world. 2008

13. Hajikazemi E. Relationship between of body mass index before pregnancy and duration of breast feeding. 7h World Congress in Fetal Medicine. 2008.

14. Nikpour S. Childhood Acute Leukemia and Breast Feeding. 7th World Congress in Fetal Medicine. 2008.

15. Farahani MA .The importance of communication patterns in patient education: A qualitative research. 2008 International Conference on communication in healthcare. 2008.

16. Joolaee S. Patients' rights practice: the lived experiences of Iranian patients and their companion, nurses and physicians. An International Centre for Nursing Ethics (ICNE) Conference at Yale University School of Nursing. 2008.

17. Baradaran HR.A systematic review of published articles in medical education in Iran. Accepted as Poster in the Association for Medical Education in Europe, Prague, Czech Republic. 2008.

18. Baradaran HR .To Compare clinical teachers, residents, medical students and nurses' attitudes towards diabetes in Iran. 68th Scientific Session of American Diabetes Association. 2008.

19. Baradaran HR. Comparison of evidence-based answer retrieval from four bedside information sources: A randomized controlled trial. 16th Cochrane Colloquium. 2008.

20. Mehrdad N. The Spectrum of Barriers to and facilitators of Research utilization in Iranian nursing. International conference on Education, Research and Innovation. 2008.

21. Mehrdad N. A Discovery of aspects Which Restrict nurses from Research Utilization. International conference on Education, Research and Innovation. 2008.

22. Oskouie F. Implementation of EFQM Model in Healthcare Educational Organization.1st International Conference of Healthcare Transformation: Primary Care Conference. 2008.

23. Joolaee S. Combination of Vertical mammoreduction technique and T incision: A good Solution for reduction mammoplasty in severs mammary hypertrophy. Aesthetic surgery of the breast safe surgical approach non invasive and minimally invasive surgical treatments third European symposium. 2008.

24. Joolaee S. Quality of life As an Outcome Indicator in Multiple Sclerosis patients caring. 4th international nursing management conference. 2008.

25. Rafii F.Hospitals and health services without walls. 17th International Conference on Health promoting Hospitals and Health Services (HPH). 2009.

26. Nikpour S. Competitive effects of three exercises program (endurance, resistance and concurrent) on abdominal obesity indices among working women in Iran University of medical sciences. The International 20th puijo symposium:" Physical Exercise in Health promotion and medical care: current evidence for metabolic syndrome. 2009.

27. Hajikazemi E.Relationship between physical activity and triceps skin fold thickness in adolescent girl's student. The International 20th puijo symposium:" Physical Exercise in Health promotion and medical care: current evidence for metabolic syndrome. 2009.

28. Mehrdad N. Iranian Nurses' Readiness toward Research Utilization: A Step to Evidence Based Practice. The 7th International Nursing Conference. 2009.

29. Joolaee S. Caring relationship: the core component of patients' rights practice as experienced by patients and their companion. 
1st International congress on Nursing Education, Research and practice. 2009.

30. Oskouie F. Ageing changes and coping strategies among women elders: a qualitative study. Main conference- poster session. 2009.

31. Seyedfatemi N. Investigation of anxiety level in ARTs pregnant women in Tehran 2009. 16th congress of Iranian society for reproductive medicine. 2009.

32. Oskouie F. Lipid Profile in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): A Comparative Study. 11th Royan International Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine. 2010.

33. Rafii F. Social support and quality of life in Iranian hem dialysis patients. International Nursing Research Conference. 2010.

34. Joolaee S. Developing nursing ethics in Iran through innovative continuing education program. 11th International ICNE Conference. 2010.

35. Farahani MA. Enhancing international collaborations between early-career investigators; the establishment of working groups sharing similar interests. International Conference on Communication in Health Care. 2010.

36. Nikpour S. Determination the Related Factors of Acute leukemia in Children. The 1st Global Congress for Consensus in Pediatrics and Child Health. 2011.

37. Hasanpour M, Oskouie F, Salsali M, Williams A, Kristjanson L. "Iranian Nursing Teachers' and Students' Perception of Critical Thinking". International Medical Education Conference. Vienna, Austria. 27-31 August 2011.

38. Seyedfatemi N. Problem solving skill and Iranian nursing students. 19th European congress of psychiatry. 2011.

39. Rafii F. Patients with Chronic Illness in Nursing Care: An Iranian Perspective. 3rd Health Conference in the Middle East. 2011.

40. Hajikazemi E. Relation between the Duration of Breast Feeding and Child Weight Gain up to the 24 Months. The 1st Global Congress for Consensus in Pediatrics and Child Health. 2011.

41. Hajikazemi E. the relation between body mass index before pregnancy and weaning the child to the end of 24-months. International Conference and Exhibition on Obesity and Weight Management. 2012.

42. Rafii F. the experience of mothers of children with autism. Neuropsychiatries de l' enface et de l' adolescence. 2012.

43. Joolaee S. discussing movies with undergraduate nursing students an interactive approach for teaching ethics. International nursing ethics conference. 2012

44. Joolaee S. the relationship between the frequency of moral distress in nurses and their job satisfaction in Hospital of Tehran University of medical science. International nursing ethics conference. 2012.

45. Joolaee S. the relationship between patient safety and nurses work environment. International nursing ethics conference. 2012.

46. Nikpour S. Life style Factors Related to Women's Osteoporosis. International Conference and Exhibition on Nutritional Science and Therapy. 2012.

47. Rafii F. pressurized metered dose inhalers. The Second International Congress of Immunology, Asthma and Allergy. 2012

48. Seyedfatemi N. The effect of teaching program on body satisfaction of burn women. 21th European Congress of Psychiatry. 2013.

49. Nikpour S. Risk factors associated with injection initiation among youth drug users admitted to the three Drug Treatment Centers in Tehran, Iran. International conference and exhibition on pharmaceutics and novel drug delivery systems. 2013

50. Rafii F. The effective factors for teaching competency of nursing faculty in Iran. International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions Prague, Czech Republic. 2013

51. Mehrdad N. Iranian Parents' Adaption Strategies with Type 1 Diabetic Child. 12th CPD: Diabetes Asia 2013 Conference. 2013.

52. Oskouie F.The role of parent gender difference on needs of children with mentally-ill parents. Iranian 6th International Congress on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 2013.

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