Pediatric Infections Research Center

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Pediatrics Infectious Diseases Research Center


The Pediatric Infectious Research Center was established in order to expand the research, education, and treatment of pediatric infectious diseases and promote medical knowledge. The outlook of this center is to screen and achieve immunization of major diseases (Torch, TB …) and use new BioMarkers for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases and the role of infectious agents in these diseases.


Research Fields :

- Plan and review of country Vaccination, Design of screening system in detection of infectious diseases, Use of complementary methods to detect infectious in children,Determine antimicrobial resistance and report annually to the country's health based on the test, Determine and prove the role of nutritional factors (Micronutrients) in the development of infectious diseases in children for the purpose of the use of these items in a feeding program,Establishing a network of prevention and control of infectious diseases in children, Education and training of academic staff with PhD degrees in the field of pediatric infectious diseases (vaccination and diagnosis)


Address : 4th floor, No1 Hazrat-e Rasool General Hospital, Niyayesh St. Satarkhan Ave. Tehran, IRAN.

Tel/ Fax : +98 (21) 66516049

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